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The first no-smoking association
in our SMOKY city, Tokyo, Japan
Last Update December 5th----------NEXT PARTY:

..........."A NO-SMOKING CHRISTMAS EVE!"...........

You are cordially invited to attend the first
no-smoking cocktail party in Tokyo on December 24th,
from 5pm-8pm at Bill's Bar in Akasaka. Come early to
receive a complimentary glass of champagne in the spirit
of a smoke-free Christmas and many more to come. If
you work in Akasaka please drop by on your way home,
no reservation is necessary.

All non-smokers and smoke-refraimers are welcome!
Accessable within a five minute walk from either the
Akasaka-Mitsuke station (Ginza and Marunouchi lines),
or the Akasaka "TBS" station (Chiyoda line). Call for
further informaiton or directions: 3589-8600 ext.927

NO SMOKE TOKYO is the FIRST non-smokers association
in Tokyo. Our agenda is to increase the number of
non-smoking areas though our the city with special
attention to increasing smoke-free restaurants, bars
and other places of relaxation and entertainment,
because we, as non-smokers should not feel obliged to
tolerate a polluted indoor environment in order to
"relax". It just doesn't make sense.

Have you returned home from an evening out for a "good
time" only to face yourself with eyes red from the smoke
pollution and your clothes and hair covered with a stinky
layer of nicotine? What a price to pay!

If you feel as we do, please join us at our events to
support a smoke free environment for everyone.
We are a non-profit group of Tokyo residents and we
welcome any donation you would care to offer.


.....We would like to hear comments and ideas from anyone
.....about non-smoking in Tokyo, Japan and the world. We
.....welcome your input and leads to any non-smoking places the city, but especially those for relaxation and
.....entertainment. Referrals will be added to our links so
.....that others may enjoy them as soon as possible.

.....Please contact us by e-mail at
.....or by phone at 3589-8600 ext 927 where you may leave
.....your comments as a message to us 24hrs a day and they
.....will be written up and posted here!

..........Thank you all and have a happy smoke-free day!!!