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NO SMOKE TOKYO NO SMOKE TOKYO non-smoking areas in Tokyo, Japan
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in this SMOKY city Tokyo, Japan

China BUYS "PERMANENT favored nation trade status" by promising to buy America's UNWANTED tobacco to addict its own citizens!

ASH urges THAILAND to ban tobacco as a "free trade" product.

Canada receives 8 MILLION previously SECRET DOCUMENTS from RJR as part of settlement, proves youth were targeted, and WOMEN find it harder to quit than men.


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    Click here to to see Japan's contribution, the Kobe Declaration!

    More SMOKE FREE restaurants and coffee shops!

    WEST PARK CAFE-AKASAKA the Best Smoke Free Dining in TOKYO! ...Ph: 03-3589-9090
    Also on same floor of Akasaka Tokyu Hotel: Royal Host, completely smoke-free!

    AKASAKA RAMEN! Where the STARS go!! Humbly drawfed in front of the new 45-story Sanno Tower, OPEN ALL NIGHT! (Sparerib ramen!)
    Tameike-Sanno: NEWEST Starbuck's Coffee B2 of Sanno Tower in front of the Namboku Line.
    In Tokyo Station! The PRONTO directly underneath the main entrance of Daimaru B1 at Yaesu east side. 90-100% smokefree!
    In Gaienmae, NATURAL HARMONY Ph: 3405-8393, Jingumae 3-38-12, Puzzle Aoyama Bldg., 1F. Meat and fish are served as well as vegetarian fare. Try "Harmony Set".(open to 9:30 Saturdays.) Open noon-10pm (LO). Closed Sundays and holidays. -Thanks Christopher!
    In Harajuku, cake shop "DEMEL" next to ristorante "LaRanarita", located about 50m down from Harajuku JR station on Omote-Sando street, on your right side facing the JR station. -Thanks Goto san!

    MORE below, click on RESTAURANTS in Tokyo!

    • coming 2000!
    THANKS TO EVERYONE who came for our "May Smoke Free Dinner!"

    On Friday May 26th we gathered at The West Park Cafe in Akasaka to enjoy a delicious east-west deli menu.
    Please join us next time!

    More and more people are standing up for their right to breathe unpolluted air. Please tell your restaurant, bar or club manager that you would like to see a smoke-free day, or week, at their place of business and that you will be there to support it. If you ever leave because of the smoke let the MANAGER know. He/She will apologize and remember the loss. Without your input the myth that "everyone smokes in Tokyo" will continue to be the accepted one.
    Call anytime to hear our latest info and directions: 3589-8600 ext.927
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    Have a nice smoke-free SUMMER!
    NO SMOKE TOKYO is a non-smokers association in Tokyo whose agenda is to increase the number of non-smoking areas throughout the city with special attention to increasing smoke-free restaurants, bars and other places of relaxation and entertainment, because tolerating a polluted indoor environment for "enjoyment" doesn't make sense.
    Have you returned home from an evening out for a "good time" only to face yourself with eyes red from the smoke pollution and your clothes and hair covered with a stinky layer of nicotine?
    If you feel as we do, please join us at our events to support a smoke free environment for everyone. We are a non-profit group of Tokyo residents and we welcome your involvement and contribution in any way.


    We would like to hear comments and ideas from anyone about non-smoking in Tokyo, Japan and the world. We welcome your input and leads to any non-smoking places in the city, but especially those for relaxation and entertainment. Referrals will be added to our links so that others may enjoy them as soon as possible.
    Please contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 3589-8600 ext 927 where you may leave your comments as a message to us 24hrs a day and they will be written up and posted here!
    Thank you all and have a happy smoke-free day!!!