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I found this on the web somewhere:
"Smoking areas in restaurants are like peeing areas in swimming pools." -M

last summer i went out for a hiking little up island with my friends. as you know when you walk in forests you can feel some sort of pleasant scent that the plants produce. when we climbed up a small mountain, we, on the top, were relaxed, and enjoying *the atmosphere* + landscape. i'm sure you can guess what happened next. i wanted to scream "who's the f*** smoking here!!!" (#note i don't swear all the time.:)_ the wicked person spoiled the ease:((( -Michi

Dear no-smoke people
My name is Yumi and I was very happy to attend the party. I don't have to
hang my clothes last night, because there were no stink smell of smoke.
Please give me any information to make no-smoke friends!!
Thank you again. -Yumi

I'm from San Francisco, where smokers are regarded as a lesser evolved form
of life to be pitied until they come around to their senses. -Patricia

I was in a small restaurant today and I had the unfortunate experience
of having smokers on both sides of my table. I really wanted to say
something about the smoke that was blowing up my nose, but I shut
up and let it spoil my lunch. -J

What a GREAT concept!!
I returned home the other night after spending a few hours in a
pub went straight to bed because I was too tired to take a shower.
The next morning my wife noted that everything in the room reeked of tobacco
-- my body, clothes, the down comforter, pillow etc... She was right.

I tell ya, I've had it with this (&()&^ city and this %%^#@#%
country. I plan to return home to California (where a smoker is made to
feel about as welcome as a fart in a space suit) in less than a year's time
--PERMANENTLY. In the months leading up to my departing flight, I hope to
spend most of my free time either at STARBUCKS or your parties. -Art

Your web site is good and I look forward to the coming improvements.
I encourage more people to speak out against selfish #$%^ that smoke in no
smoking zones.

When my mother was at her old friends home she lit a smoke on the gas stove
and her yukata which I gave her caught on fire. She has got burns all over
the left side of her body. The worst part is that she was smoking a few
months after she got out of the hospital.

Finally, one of my friends just died after a long battle with lung cancer.
It put his family through hell, not to mention what he went through.
Just thought you might like to get one ex-smokers experiences.
Keep up the good work. -Jay

Next challenge: getting more bins on the streets in Tokyo - how else do
you stop those who do smoke outside throwing their buts on the ground
(don't they realise they'll all end up in the ocean??) -Megan

If you have a mailing list, I'd love to be on it. And if you need any
help, I'll be happy to help.
Not only am I a non-smoker, but I'm allergic to the stuff. Anything tiny
or big thing that can be done to promote NO SMOKING, I'm all for. -Stephanie

Thanks for letting me know about this, ...
Good luck with your party -- unfortunately I'll be out of town.
Robb Satterwhite
Restaurant Editor, Tokyo Food Page

I really liked the smoke-free environment and the bar. Congratulations on the
success of the party!
Thanks for your organizing the party. Hope to see you soon. -Tachi

I come from California where since a year
every restaurant, bar and public space has to be
smokefree. -Richard

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend.
I look forward to attending one of your other events in the near
future... -Alex

Would like to go to your party.
Could you please send me the map to there. -Noriko