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Tobacco Ads in Japan

Although North America, Europe, India, Africa and South-East Asian
countries are passing laws to curb the influence of public advertising
on everyone including the young and vulernable, Japanese goverment
still puts its interests in profits from the Japanese tobacco industry of
which it it still part owner, AHEAD of the health of the Japanese people.
Below, cigarette advertising seen everyday throughout Japan.
To post examples of tobacco ads of your area, or for further assistance
please contact No Smoke Tokyo at
New package with same flavor and taste.
Refreshing taste remains same (Frontier Menthol).
Richness of 1mg reaches an extreme (Parliament).
New design but same taste (Caster).
You can taste menthol.
Best selling 1mg (Frontier Light).

These photos of Japanese cigarette advertising in the stations and cars of public
transportation have been provided by TOPIC - Tobacco Problem Information Center
Ph: 03)3222-6781, Fax: 3222-6780
President, Mr. Bungaku Watanabe, fighting against tobacco hazzards in Japan
for more than twenty years!

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