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Beautiful Bar, Wonderful Night!

On Friday February 12th, 1999, 60 people attended our "No Smoke Valentine's Night" at the Copacabana Bar in Roppongi.
We actually managed to "take over" the CIGAR BAR! "It's a beach-head!" one member claimed. And we all enjoyed having a wonderful social evening without the pollution. Please see our "Comments" link on our main page to read the positve feedback we are receiving.
Unfortunately there is not enough space to post all of the super photos taken by professional photographer, Andy Barker Or check out his professional photo school homepage at:

If you recall your picture being taken that evening, please e-mail us with your name and description and we will send your photo to you as an attachment file in the ".jpg" format for you to keep!

Again, thanks to all who came out in support of SMOKE-FREE socializing!

If you would like your photo sent to you by e-mail,
let us know who you are and we will send it to you!

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